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You have stumbled upon the new blog (i.e. random babblings) of a quirky single mom. A shoot-from-the-hip, anti-pink (yet almost gaggingly perky), non-traditional, can cuss like a sailor but loves insanely and has the save the world syndrome gal who is bracing for a future as a Crazy Cat Lady though she secretly hopes like hell it doesn't come true. Enjoy your stay and feel free to say hi- I don't bite. Well, unless we're dating and you are into that type of thing or you contain peanut butter. >;-)

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Quirky single mom of two monkeys. I used to beat up the kids that picked on the "special students" during recess. Now I work with those with chronic mental illness. I speak quite a few languages, enjoy coed naked underwater basket weaving, have an addiction to Sushi and humor is my defense mechanism. Arrogant people make my right eye twitch. I'm ambidextrously brained, I will knit for tattoos, I am the friend that everyone comes to for advice and bail money. I pride myself on keeping my eyes, ears, heart and mind open. Making me laugh goes a long way with me, I think the brain is the sexiest organ and I'm the kinda gal you can take anywhere and I'll have a good time. Other than that, I'm just me.


I May be Late to the Party, but I Always Show Up...

If you met my monkeys, you'd immediately understand the perpetual state of lateness. It's not for lack of trying though, I assure you. In fact, I had a lil chit chat with the monkeys about punctuality. Yes, I used that word with the 3 & 4 year old. Anywho eldest monkey looked at me and said "We're rockstars and rockstars show up late." So, that's just how we roll.

The point to this? I've been wanting to do the blog thang for quite a while now I'm all for that which is cathardic and (as a very rockin' and way cool mom pointed out to me recently) this is a good way for me to keep track of the wonderfulness of life in monkeyland.......

P.S. I read an article today that said don't wait until your blog is perfect before you start it. This is so NOT the background that will be permanently here, but hey- I should get credit for at least following the advice. I don't always play by the rules, I often run with scissors and, like this blog, I am a continual work in progress.


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