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Important, Yet Really, Really, Really Difficult

I never thought that I would have to write something like this. That may be proof of how naive I may be. I always preferred to think of myself as optimistic, hopeful, positive.

I owe so very many of you a huge apology. When someone from our community came to me wanting to help with our dream, UberDork Cafe, I believed them. Whole heartedly. I trusted them. Completely. That person has failed me and I, in turn, have failed you. For this, I am truly so very sorry.

It was my mistake to look at them as a friend and every missed deadline or promise that wasn’t followed through, I credited to them being busy. Kept giving the benefit of the doubt. I then asked one person a simple request- the list of all the names and contact information for everyone who had ordered the calendar so far so that I could send them an update and thank them personally. That request was responded to as though I had some sordid plot or agenda. The reaction not only surprised me, but confused me to no end.

Repeated requests since then have been made to not only communicate with the person, but to get the information of everyone that has ordered anything (which includes T shirts as well) through him for the cafe or have donated items to be auctioned for the cafe. Still, I have nothing.

Earlier yesterday I had sent him an email begging him to explain things to me as he was backing me into a corner that I did not want to be in. I guess his response was to remove UberDork Cafe from his site.

Without word to me. Without communicating to me. Without giving me any information regarding UberDork Cafe that I have repeatedly requested.

I've been trying to find the words to express all of this without it turning even uglier than it seems to have gotten. But, everyone who ordered things has a right to know. Without having any information, I'm being forced to make it public.

I am left sitting here with no way to contact anyone that ordered things. Things that were paid for and have not been delivered. I have a group of amazing women that created a calendar out of love and hope to make a difference in the awareness of breast cancer and two awesome organizations that are to be receiving funds from the sales of the calendar to whom I have no answers for. No way to explain why someone would do such a thing.

All I have is a promise to all of you to do my best to make everything right. I promise you that this calendar will get printed, t shirts will be made and this cafe will be built. It’s just going to take longer than had hoped due to broken promises and the fact that to try correct this mistake, it seems it’s going to have to come out of my pocket to do so.

You have all been so great at helping to get the word out and it’s with an incredibly heavy heart that I need to ask you all to stop relaying any link that involves ordering anything through RockTheLAN.com or RockTheLANStore.com

If you or someone you know ordered the calendar through the link that was sent out, have ordered any UDC-related T Shirts, or have donated items to be auctioned please have them contact me directly at JustNatali@gmail.com.

Thank you all so very much for believing in this. Again, I am truly very sorry.


badlvillemojo said...

YOU do not deserve this! YOU should not have ever had to deal with this. You should move forward...stay positive - think positive - be positive - and NEVER look back!!!

Let the Karma and the holes that they dug for themselves fill them in and deal with them. Let God and/or whomever sort them out!!

We MUST MOVE forward!! Dreams do not EVER END as long as someone believes!!

NakedHobo said...

You still have a lot of peeps that love you and believe in you. You are NOT to blame for this. Don't give up! *Huggles*

UberDorkGirlie said...

Update RE: T Shirts & Calendars
It has brought to my attention that Rock The LAN will be issuing full refunds for all UberDork Cafe-related calendars ordered through them and T Shirts that were ordered and not received.

Thank you all so very much for your support in this. Again, I am so sorry that all of this turned out the way that it did and assure you that it will be made right.

ysabelkid said...

I've received my refund for the calendar, and will wait until I hear from you again to say that it can be ordered elsewhere.

I'm so sorry you've had to go through this disappointment and such a rude awakening; but know that I, and likely a whole host more people, still think the calendar is a rocking idea and will support you all the way. Those things sent to test us? Could do with a big-ass thwackdown.

Holly said...

Man, sometimes people are just jerks. I'm sorry you're going through this difficult experience. I've been there, sister - it's not easy. Hang in there!!!

AllyShay said...

Big hugs!! So sorry you had to deal with this but you will pull through and UDC will be better for it!

Shimmer418 said...

Im here for you and Boobie Wednesday stands behind you 100% on this. As soon as you get it up and into production i'll be pushing it over and over on twitter, Facebook, and on boobiewednesday.com.

Christopher said...

Let me know if there is anything I can do. If I can't do it I am sure I can find someone who can.

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